Healthcare Programs

Primary Health Care & Family Planning Program

An adage goes like “health is the root of all happiness” resulting in overall socio-economic development of a country. Unfortunately, Bangladesh being a developing country, has been experiencing a lot of problems and obstacles in the way of accomplishing goals and objectives of a healthy society. In spite of having a good infrastructure in health and family welfare sector, the government has not yet been able to deliver quality healthcare services to the mass people due to a number of barriers and constraints.  GUK, as a pragmatic NGO, believes in total family health development by providing necessary health and family planning services at the door step of the community people. Considering the gravity of the situation, GUK started implementing its gigantic primary healthcare and family planning services program in late 2009 by establishing service centers at community level. The structure of the GUK primary healthcare and family planning program includes qualified MBBS doctors, paramedics, technicians, health promoters and other support staffs to ensure efficient and quality services to the service recipients.

The Health Visitors have been regularly conducting household visits to 20-25 households in a routine way for collecting health related information, selling health cards and increasing awareness on health issues. After collecting information, the Health Visitors refer patients to static clinics for receiving treatment by the Health Officer and also refer patients to satellite clinics organized at different places in a routine manner where MBBS Doctors treat patients and provide prescriptions. In case of any serious illness the patients are referred to the nearest Government hospitals for higher treatment.


  • To reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)
  • To reduce Infant Mortality Rate (IRR)
  • Ensure safe motherhood through quality service delivery
  • Ensure ante-natal and post-natal care
  • Adolescent reproductory healthcare
  • Advocate to establish small family norms
  • Nutrition education promotion
  • Treat poor patients by qualified doctors at service centers
  • Refer high risk pregnant women and patients to nearest Government hospitals


  • Organized 280 satellite health camps
  • 21,500 patients received treatment free of cost from the satellite health camps
  • 1,280 high risk patients were referred to government hospitals for better treatment.

GUK Eye Care Services

Eye diseases are emerging as a health problem common to all age groups of population. Number of visually impaired people in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Cataract and glaucoma are the major causes responsible for 80% of blindness or loss of vision in our country. Of the estimated blind people in the country, 70-80% can have some or all of their eye-sight restored through early diagnosis and proper management & treatment. Treatment of eye diseases & eye care is of growing demand in Bangladesh. Considering the gravity of the situation Dr. Khandaker Alamgir Hossain, Founder Executive Director of GUK took the initiative to set up an eye hospital in Bogura district of Bangladesh to provide treatment of eye related diseases and prevent blindness in the society. Accordingly, the GUK Eye Hospital was established in January 2015 at Banani, Bogura with treatment and operation facilities including having a low cost diagnostic lab along with a medicine and optic corner.

Objective of the Initiative

The main objective of establishing the GUK Eye Hospital is to provide low cost but quality eye care services to the poor people with special emphasis on the members of GUK microfinance & other development programs and projects for prevention of blindness and eye diseases.

GUK Eye Care Services

GUK Eye Hospital has been providing high quality services by using latest optical machineries and Eye specialized Doctors and Expert hands with your affordable cost of services. GUK Eye Hospital provides in the following services to the patients; 

GUK Eye Care Services

  • Regular 200-300 people received services from GUK Eye Hospital
  • Vision Test
  • Preliminary Examination by the Doctor
  • Refraction with PG Power
  • Different Test (BP, IOP, SPT/DUCT. RBS, BTCT. Hemoglobin, Blood Grouping, KOH, Schirmer Test, ECG etc.)
  • Final Examination by the Doctors
  • Regular basis Counseling
  • Optical Dept., medicine and Campaign at the rural level.


  • 38,525 patients received out-door-patient services
  • 22,869 patients received free eye care treatment services through various eye camps
  • 280 patients received free cataract and other operation services
  • 2,175 patients received free eye care services through GUK CSR
  • Regular 100-150 people received services from GUK Eye Hospital.