GUK Solar Power

Renewable Energy Program

GUK started implementing the Solar Home Systems (SHS) program since 2005. Having this track record GUK has become a Supply Partner Organization (SPO) of Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL) for implementation of the project activities.
The main objective of the project is to improve access of solar energy replacing kerosene lamp with solar lamp (Solar bati) for better health of rural people reducing respiratory infections through mitigating indoor air pollution in north west region.
In total 1020 solar home panels were installed in different areas out of which 105 were installed in remote and isolated char areas in the Jamuna river belt.

Main Activities of the program:

  • Selection of customers for Solar Home System
  • Installation of SHS at household level
  • Providing technical support to the SHS recipients
  • Ensuring the availability of accessories at affordable cost and troubleshooting of SHS
  • Follow up visits to the SHS recipient household


  • Installed 1,315 Solar Home System
  • Beneficiaries: 6,575
  • District covered: 9
  • Upazilla covered: 20
  • Union covered: 98
  • Villages covered: 120

Benefits of the program:

  • Easy access to electricity
  • Alleviating ill-health effects of breathing smoke of carbon monoxide
  • Reduce morbidity leading to better quality of life
  • Contribute to the government’s initiative to provide electricity at every household
  • Saving cost of burning fuel
  • Helping students to study at night.