Micro-enterprise Development

Cluster Wise Micro-Enterprise Development

The Cluster enterprise development approach is a process of economic development of any kind of business in the specific cluster of an area. GUK has been promoting the approach for enhancing somepromizing Microenterprises through engaging local people of the respective cluster by proving ME loan along with skill developemnt training and technical support to make the enterprise profitable and sustainable. The aims of the approach is to help entrepreneours  combining their strength and jointly take advantages of market opportunities, create emploment opportunites and access to finance with a conbined efforts.About Thirty Three thousand entrepreneurs are encouraged in different business and enterprises utilizing  their skill, labor & local resources for successful implementation.Enteerprises create jobs for the enterpreneur himself and  for others too and some enterprises create jobs for himself.  The natable enterprises are furniture making, light engeneering, hand & power loom factory, welding & lathe machine, shoe making, bakery & confectionary, handy crafts, agri inputs business, agro machenaries, easy bike and different technicians.


GUK has focused on building the capacity of micro entrepreneurs related to products improvement & innovations to foster the rural economic growth of the specific cluster areas. GUK always encourages to MEs on labor intensive activities that have found in radical change on furniture sub-sector for creating a huge number of employments as well as income.

There are about 850 furniture entrepreneurs (wooden and still) have been supported by GUK during the period under report. Each furniture entrepreneur has engaged 5 to 10 workers such as cutter, designer, carpenter, finisher, painter etc. to make standard class furniture and interior design for office & home as per buyers’ needs and choice.


GUK has been financing labor intensive local cottage industries for retrieving hand& power loom sub-sector and support entrepreneurs for continuing business by using their knowledge and skills. GUK has identified hand and power loom cluster and organize them in groups and provide financial and technical support for running their inherited business with sustainability. About 2,500 entrepreneurs have been supported by GUK during the period under report. Each entrepreneur has engaged 5 to 7 workers to make different types good quality of cloths, blankets, towel/napkin, dresses per the demand and choice of the buyers.


GUK has been developing women focused business cluster for making diverse hand-made products like pottery, bamboo made crafts, cane made furniture, wood made crafts, nakshikantha and different types of show pieces. GUK also provides backstopping support to the producers for linking with big buyers.About 1,345 entrepreneurs have been supported by GUK during the period under report. Each entrepreneur has engaged 5 to 7 workers to make different types good quality of handy crafts as per the demand and choice of the buyers.


  • Ultra-poor people/low income households; have some skills on making crafts
  • Priority to consider female headed households; have the skills and tendency on business
  • Youth groups both men & women; have an interest to take challenges on his/her inherited business
  • Ethnic Groups/special clusters; have family-based skill labor and have inherited capacity and
  • The craft market actors like input suppliers/buyers/exporters who are engaged in developing & marketing hand-made crafts.


Bogura is famous for production of light engineering equipment like shallow machine, tube well, spare parts of shallow machine, power tiller, tractor , local transport engine, wheel, easy bike setting factory,  welding & lathe manufacturing etc. All the above items are very important for promotion of crop and vegetable production. Considering the importance of the sector GUK has been providing ME loan along with technical support for exploring the light engineering sector. During the reporting period 175 entrepreneurs have been supported by GUK. Each entrepreneur has engaged 5 to 20 workers to make different types items/equipment as per the demand of the buyers.